Zillow’s change may benefit Realtors with Tour Factory

real estate listing syndication system and tour factoryIf you know anything about real estate listing syndication, it has been something of controversy amongst real estate agents.

The long standing opinion is that the real estate agent is “giving away” leads in the form of their seller’s real estate listings. The leads are being captured and sold to real estate agents willing to pay for them.

The other side of the coin, which is also head in high popularity, is the opinion that these sites bring more attention to a home seller’s real estate listing due to their sheer online presence. Which is applicable when people want to search online for homes and real estate listings which are for sale.

“The Zillow Group has decided to stop providing all non-MLS organizations, including TourFactory, with the ability to automatically syndicate listing information to their sites.” – per TourFactory update email received by yours truly on 10/26/2016.

As the email continued it further stated, “This decision means listing information, photos and virtual tour links may now need to be manually uploaded to Zillow Group sites, and this information will not be automatically syndicated to Zillow Group sites through your Tour Factory account. We understand that Zillow Group automation is a benefit to our customers and regret that this service has been suspended.”

I appreciate TourFactory’s position that this “automatic syndication” was a benefit. In my opinion, and a lot of other real estate agent’s opinions, this may be a Blessing in disguise for the TourFactory System.

I love their platform and it assists our home sellers in the production of professional real estate photo shoots with their real estate listing. The Tour Factory system then allows for cutting edge and beautiful virtual tours to be produced and uploaded to various agent platforms for advertising and marketing purposes.

Agents who shoot properties themselves, can also upload amazing photographs and build out virtual tours for the home seller’s with ease on TourFactory. They are able to rename photos for SEO purposes and presentation appeal, the agent is then able to syndicate the virtual tours where they see fit. Facebook – Google Plus – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest and other online system. #tourfactory

I know many real estate agents and large brokerages who want to keep the real estate syndication websites from being able to capture and display their home seller’s real estate listings. Now, the choice is easily able to be made by the individual agent who employs TourFactory technology. As the default, Zillow will not automatically upload the virtual tour data to their website. It will now be up to the agent to do it.

Of course, if the agent is a paying member of Zillow, they will be able to make this happen easily. If they are not fans of Zillow and wish to keep their TourFactory virtual tour off of that system, they don’t have to lift a finger to do so.

If you are interested in obtaining the Tour Factory system – please contact our go to, Courtney Brayton 661-244-7576. She handles the support needs we have from time to time and is able to dispatch professional photographers for the real estate and homes you desire. BTW – she is wonderful – thanks for taking the time to read our updated posting regarding TourFactory and Zillow’s Decision, which may turn out to be beneficial and not a bad thing!