Last week from Santa Clarita real estate news 09-2017

Welcome to the 9th week of 2017 and Santa Clarita real estate news has a new look. We have uploaded some of our Fancy Pants Luxury home photos and interiors for your viewing pleasure.

This week in Santa Clarita real estate news we have seen that the local real estate markets are continuing to display issues with inventory. In fact, we posted up a real estate news article showing that the current real estate inventory is at a 4+ year low point.

If you have not had a chance, view our slideshare presentation of our March of 2017 real estate newsletter. We mail these to our closest real estate clients and those who have become a part of the Santa Clarita real estate news referral network. Thanks for that!

New Update – Offering on real estate

Real Estate inventory has been at a low point in the Santa Clarita Valley for quite some time. BTW – real estate inventory as of the date of this SCVnews article has us at an all time 4 year low point with a 3 month absorption rate.

This is creating a lot of competition between Santa Clarita home buyers. Some are outfitted really well to purchase homes, condos and townhomes.

By “outfitted really well”, I’m referencing their larger than normal down payments, their ability to constrict time frames in escrow to be a seller benefit and having “god like” credit scores.

If you don’t fit into that category, we have to become more creative and make sure the offers we submit on your behalf pack the gear to compete with those other buyer types. Read our Offering on Real Estate article written this last week on our SCVnest real estate blog.

New Article – In Escrow – Now what?

For those of you who have gotten “over the hump”, have entered escrow, we have some tips so that you know what is going to happen next and throughout the escrow process on the home.

At this point your offer was accepted on the Santa Clarita Home. It may not have been without it’s fair share of drama. Maybe you went back and forth between the seller and yourselves. Maybe the seller was playing hard ball. Maybe it was you who was throwing 110 mph fastballs.

Either way, you are now in escrow and the transaction is going to need some attention. Read our renewed Santa Clarita Blog, You are now in Escrow, now what – Article.

Selling Santa Clarita Homes News – How long?

Late this week, I wanted to scratch my “real estate statistics” itch. I wanted to put together an article with the actual real estate data showing the 4 year history of how long it takes to Sell a Santa Clarita home, condo and or townhome.

I did my research for all the Cities in the Santa Clarita Valley. I included the data within the cities of Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia. Each of the cities that I researched had their housing market data combined and I came up with our latest Santa Clarita homes sold statistics article.

Santa Clarita real estate news this week. Working together for our Santa Clarita real estate and housing clients.

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