October 11, 2016 Santa Clarita real estate news

october-11-2016-in-santa-clarita-real-estate-newsSunday came and went and today we are working. It’s Columbus Day. I’m not sure I remember this right, but I don’t think Columbus discovered America? ┬áSomeone let me know ­čÖé

This past Sunday there were very few listings hitting the market – not the typical 12-20 we get on a daily basis within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

This is the recap for Tuesday, October 11, 2016. While we have been busy with real estate clients we get the ever pressing questions as to now is the time to buy or not.

The same question, from a seller’s point of view, comes at the very top of our Santa Clarita relocation and inquiries via email and SCVnest.com.

There is no perfect answer. We explain to our clients that whether they sell or buy now, will depend on them.

While we don’t see the “bubble” that we did back in 2006/2007, some are concerned that this real estate market, being 10-12% off peak prices, cannot continue at this rate. They are referencing the rising prices and lacking inventory.

I will tell you that the high home buyer drive in the Santa Clarita Valley coupled with the lousy real estate inventory is causing the home prices to climb and we have been this trend since the bottom of the real estate market. The bottom of the Santa Clarita real estate market was seen during the final quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. If you bought then, you are doing well today with regard to equity – potentially increasing your portfolio 25-35%.

Real Estate is still the best option, from an investment point of view. Plus, there are many bonuses related to owning a piece of the American Dream. A Biggie has to do with the mortgage interest tax deduction. While we always tell our clients to defer to a tax professional to see how much they will be able to “write off” related to mortgage interest, some clients have been able to write off 100% if not a large chunk.

Watch our Santa Clarita real estate news website to stay on top of the local housing markets within the cities of Agua Dulce, Acton, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch.

Here is a youtube video by Connor Macivor, yours truly, which i completed this AM about how to remove your home’s photo from Google maps. I also included the ways in which to remove previous listing photos. When a real estate agent obtains a listing, they take photos. They then take those photos and publish them online. When they do, the real estate syndication websites take those photos and use them for their own websites. While some consider this to be a violation, but to the lacking permissions of the Real Estate syndication websites, they do it anyway. I spoke about how to get those photos to come down. Heck, if someone is going to start the research about where you live and the current configuration of your home, there is no reason to make it easy on them.

October 8, 2016 Santa Clarita real estate news, happy Saturday!


We have been busy this week with meeting with new clients and taking care of those who have been sending their friends and family our way.

FYI – We go a bit outside of the Santa Clarita Valley, but we have to get those types of showings and listings outside of Santa Clarita Valley scheduled. I also need to double check with all the “powers that be” to ensure that my Board of Realtors membership meshes with the local real estate market in “enter city name”, where you are interested in buying/selling – which is not in the Greater Los Angeles Areas – but still within California.

It’s not by accident that we branded ourselves – with our REMAX Relocation Business – SCVnest. We also have the Toll Free for easy remembering, 855-SCVnest !

Another option, If I come to the conclusion that I would be doing you a disservice by being your real estate representative due to the location of the home or you wanting me to do something that has a steep learning curve – such as selling a 200 office, 45 floor commercial building, I know just the right agent. I know agents in most cities within the United States and in a healthy amount of other countries. Believe it or not, in some cases, a REMAX Realtor is not the best choice. I have a referral system with Century 21 agents, Keller Williams, Realty Executives, Berkshire Hathaway, Sotheby’s and of course REMAX. However, I have always had an understanding, from the beginning of me starting representing real estate buyers and sellers, It’s always about who can serve the client best!

Before I get into the Santa Clarita real estate news, the takeaway this week was a post that I wrote about something near and dear to my heart. This topic has to do with a home, condo or townhome that is listed for sale but says “Sold before processing“. Meaning the home had an accepted offer before it went to the home buying public via the Multiple Listing Service – which is the nation’s largest system, which contains┬á99.9% of the homes for sale. So, you can deduce this home was not marketed and advertised as it could have been and the home seller’s wanted it sold with very few people viewing it. ┬áMaybe the seller was feeling in a “giving” mood. Maybe the seller’s choice of real estate agent spun for them a tale how this tactic would be in the seller’s best interest. We had a listing, not too long ago in Canyon Country, where our home seller could not make more than a certain amount of profit from the sale of their home. This was due to some court issue related to bankruptcy. The home was still advertised to the general public because I needed to make sure my seller had received the offer which had the best in the way of financing. In this specific case, we were able to present to our home seller a cash offer with a 15 day close. The buyers in this case were also willing to waive appraisal and their inspections, including termite.

During my recon this AM in the Santa Clarita Valley when I was prepping for my daily housing radio show, I observed the following Santa Clarita Statistics related to the local housing market in the SCV:

  • 26 residential real estate listings hit the local Santa Clarita market for sale in the past 24 hourssanta-clarita-real-estate-news-daily-october-8-2016
  • 18 Santa Clarita homes had their prices changed in the past 24 hours
  • 7 homes fell out of escrow, and are now back on the market in each case
  • 10 real estate listings entered escrow – all were placed into the pending status
  • 22 Santa Clarita homes closed escrow – with new happy owners ­čÖé (The ones we represented were happy!)
  • 4 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley, expired, and were not able to be sold by the agents representing the Santa Clarita Valley home sellers.

When you are ready I’ll be here. I’m Connor T. Macivor and I’m proud to be of service to you and yours.



Santa Clarita real estate news October 6, 2016

Today is Thursday and the Santa Clarita real estate news and sites are up and running. We have seen 20 new listings hit the local market in the past 24 hours and one of those listings was “sold before processing”.

Find out what Sold Before Processing Means.

Some consider the “sold before processing” a scam. Something that does a disservice to a real estate seller. Why would any real estate seller want to sell their home before having all who may be interested view it and have a chance to compete for it!!!

Sometimes real estate agents are to blame for setting up this scenario. Sometimes the real estate seller gets an offer which is too good to be true, so they take it. Sometimes a real estate seller knows the real estate buyer because of the buyer sending them a santa-clarita-real-estate-news-10062016nice arrangement, flowers, cookies, Disney gift basket – etc…

Today in Santa Clarita real estate, we have 20 new real estate listings that hit the market for sale. If you want to see them in their totality – View the New Santa Clarita Home Listings here

During the past 24 hours in Santa Clarita real estate, we have had 20 Santa Clarita real estate listings which have had their prices changed – Here is the break down so you can see how the current market is fairing in the SCV:

18 real estate listings have had their prices reduced. This is applicable from listing price to listing price. These homes are still active and for sale. These are not “reductions” within escrow, which sometimes happens and is reported during the escrow time period.

One┬áof the 20 real estate listings, which have experienced a price change, was a price increase. This is also applicable regarding listing price to listing price. This price increase was not one of those which was completed in escrow under an accepted offer. This happens when the real estate agent is wanting to advertise they “sold for more” than the fair market value of a home. This was not the case – fyi.

The other price increase was a cancellation. This could be for a couple of reasons. The property is showing as a cancelled listing. The seller may have wanted to fire their real estate agent due to some issue or non performance. The real estate agent could have wanted to fire his seller, due to some issue. Maybe there was some tragedy that occurred or the home seller changed their mind, thereby wanting to cancel the real estate listing.

Real estate requires anyone – buyer or seller – to hire a local expert in their own market or the one they are interested in. We have a relocation procedure and system in place where we know agents in all 50 states and within other countries. We are REMAX Relocation and proud to be of service.

If you are in Santa Clarita Valley and want our assistance, I will be here for you personally. I’m Connor T. MacIvor and I want to apply for the job of being your Realtor.