Santa Clarita real estate news October 6, 2016

Today is Thursday and the Santa Clarita real estate news and sites are up and running. We have seen 20 new listings hit the local market in the past 24 hours and one of those listings was “sold before processing”.

Find out what Sold Before Processing Means.

Some consider the “sold before processing” a scam. Something that does a disservice to a real estate seller. Why would any real estate seller want to sell their home before having all who may be interested view it and have a chance to compete for it!!!

Sometimes real estate agents are to blame for setting up this scenario. Sometimes the real estate seller gets an offer which is too good to be true, so they take it. Sometimes a real estate seller knows the real estate buyer because of the buyer sending them a santa-clarita-real-estate-news-10062016nice arrangement, flowers, cookies, Disney gift basket – etc…

Today in Santa Clarita real estate, we have 20 new real estate listings that hit the market for sale. If you want to see them in their totality – View the New Santa Clarita Home Listings here

During the past 24 hours in Santa Clarita real estate, we have had 20 Santa Clarita real estate listings which have had their prices changed – Here is the break down so you can see how the current market is fairing in the SCV:

18 real estate listings have had their prices reduced. This is applicable from listing price to listing price. These homes are still active and for sale. These are not “reductions” within escrow, which sometimes happens and is reported during the escrow time period.

OneĀ of the 20 real estate listings, which have experienced a price change, was a price increase. This is also applicable regarding listing price to listing price. This price increase was not one of those which was completed in escrow under an accepted offer. This happens when the real estate agent is wanting to advertise they “sold for more” than the fair market value of a home. This was not the case – fyi.

The other price increase was a cancellation. This could be for a couple of reasons. The property is showing as a cancelled listing. The seller may have wanted to fire their real estate agent due to some issue or non performance. The real estate agent could have wanted to fire his seller, due to some issue. Maybe there was some tragedy that occurred or the home seller changed their mind, thereby wanting to cancel the real estate listing.

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